WALX Coast and Country Newsletter – January 2020

Happy New Year!

2019 was an amazing year of walking. We had some fantastic weather and a few very challenging days. Climping in the rain looked fun and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of some very wet Crawley walks. It was great to see so many of you out in all weathers, including a very hot summer.

Well done to all of you who entered races with distances ranging from 5 miles to 26 miles. I hope we can all enter more events together in 2020; they are great fun.

Many of you are attending more sessions and achieving your own health and fitness goals. These are more important than the races as they can contribute to life-changing results!

The Crawley, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and Hassocks programme has grown in 2019. Mandy, Heather, Katie and Jon have put on some fantastic sessions and are building on numbers. 2020 is hopefully a year of growth (fingers crossed)! Lets support the team and attend their fantastic sessions!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all the walk leaders and instructors for the commitment they have shown in the last 3 years. I could not do any of this without their friendship and support.

New for 2020

Explorer walks, which allow walking with or without poles. The monthly Bird Watching walk fits into Explorer category. Liz will be adding a monthly Monarchs Way walk on a Sunday. In the summer months we will be adding some pub walks and some history walks.

We have added more fitness sessions, which train the whole body. They are fitness classes that do not necessarily use poles for all exercises. We use body weight, benches and steps etc. to create our outdoor gym. We have new conditioning and strength classes starting this month with more to come. There is a new Butt and Body workout starting on Monday 13th January at 6.15pm. It is open to all. Bring your non Nordic friends.

The wellness programme is growing. We are looking forward to the Tai Chi and Yoga Walx when Katie is back from maternity.

Running, trekking and walking with poles is a new weekly session starting on Monday 6th January. The first few weeks will be about technique. It will not be pure running; it will be about covering the terrain quickly and efficiently. Mixing running and walking.

The choice of venues and times has grown with midweek sessions in all areas. Mandy has added some very early starts to give the workers more choice.

Please look at the schedule to see what is new and give something different a try.

Currently the programme is very large, bigger than most areas, which is great. However, unpopular sessions with low attendance will have to be culled in the next schedule (Sorry, but licences to walk in some areas can be expensive). So if you want to save your favourite session please book and encourage others to come along!!!

Programming for Results

To get full health benefits try to mix up your sessions. Walking works the cardiovascular system, which is great for the heart and lungs. But ideally you also need to train the upper body with strength work. If we want to keep our bones healthy and tone the whole body try to attend one of the conditioning classes as well as a walk.

Remember Direct Debit and class prices are down. You can do unlimited amounts of sessions for £22 per month. If you did x1 walk and x1 conditioning class a week, each session is only £2.75. Add another walk and it is only £1.83!

Walker of the Month

This months’ walker of the month is John Bridger who walks with Diana and the Activator group. He is one of the original Activator walkers and has gradually increased his walks. John was the first person to join the Wednesday Goring session. He is very supportive of the sessions, walks very regularly and feels that walking is helping to maintain his fitness. Well-done John!


We would also like to congratulate all of Diana’s walkers who have all improved and managed to increase the distance walked during the last 6 months.


Nominations for Members Walker of the Year

Please email me your nominations for your ‘Walker of the Year’ choice. Include your reasoning behind the nomination. It can be for any reason ranging from personal achievement to acts of kindness.

Please email your nominations no later than 14th January 2020 – denise@walxcoastandcountry.co.uk


A new and easy way to find meeting points – What3words

 What3words is a fantastic free app for calling the emergency services but it is also great for plotting where we will be meeting for our walks.

On the website you will see 3 words above the map location to help you find where we meet. For example East Beach is flap.foam.scale. You enter the words into the app and it will navigate you to the start.

Download the app



Social Committee

Thank you to Maz, who has agreed to stand again on the social committee. We do need more members to join her please. The idea is to only have to organise one event each in the year.

This year we are asking different committee members to take the lead for the different events. The programme would be:

  • Bi Monthly social drink – different venues
  • Xmas Meal
  • Summer BBQ
  • Picnic Walk

You would not be required to do all of the events and we would have a different lead supported by another members for each event.

If you are interested, please email me



A big ‘thank you’ to Sue Pratt who organised the Hillbillies Xmas Lunch again this year!


WALX After Xmas Xmas Dinner and Awards

I have booked Vardar Restaurant (Littlehampton) for Friday 7th February. There is a varied menu with acceptable prices. The trip advisor reviews are positive!

Please confirm your attendance by 14th January 2020.



Health Check

 If anyone wants to complete a free health check let me know and we can arrange a time for you to visit. It is the perfect time to set your health goals.


Quote of the Month

 Stephanie provided this month’s quote (Thank you)


Coast And Country Walk Great Britain Challenge

The long-term plan is to walk the parameter of Great Britain.

Anyone can join at any stage.

It is easy to take part

  1. Download the free STRAVA App
  2. Join the Coast and Country Nordic Walking Group
  3. When you start to walk open the app and press record (record it as a run and not a walk)
  4. When you stop the walk press finish.
  5. It will save it as a morning or evening walk. Use the edit option to name the walk. For example, evening adventure with the date.
  6. Each month I will look to see what you have done and tell you far you have got on your walk to

The great thing about this challenge is speed does not matter. It is the total amount of miles you do each month.

This months’ mileage

Aileen 2, Richard 18, Pete H 5, Paula 37, Mary-Jane 37, Katie S 21, Josie 12, Gill T 20, Geoff 23, Eileen 9, Claire B 23, Sue 17, Pauline 52, Liz 17, Lesley 32, Paul 21, Denise 18.

Total this month = 345 miles

We are now inline with Portree (Isle of Skye)


I am sure it is even more but occasionally we forget to turn STRAVA on. Come on Crawley, Haywards Heath, Hassocks and East Grinstead walkers. Join us to help us walk the entire UK coastline.


And finally

We look forward to walking with you in 2020

Denise and team

Updated: January 4, 2020 — 11:05 pm