WALX Coast and Country February Newsletter


Walker of the Month

This months’ walker of the month is Janice Wong.


Janice is a regular Monday walker, has a fantastic positive attitude even though she has a lot of health problems to deal with. Janice was very brave too & came on our Intro to Tai Chi walk. She is also going to join Diana so that she can start doing 2 walks a week. Keep up the good work Janice.






Welcome to our new members

 Sandra Murfin, Jane Cooper and Christina Jenkins. We look forward to meeting you all soon.

 POWER Goals


This is the time of year we think about change. Most of us have heard about SMART goals. They are a popular way of setting goals and trying to stick to them. I have found POWER goals follow the same kind of structure but are a little more personal.

P = positive terms

Look at what you want and state it in the positive. For example a football player might say,  “I do not want to miss the goal” which is negative. A positive meaning would be “I want to score goals” Evidence suggests we are more likely to stick to positive outcomes.

O = ownership

Make sure it is something you want and not what others want for you. Ownership means you take responsibility for success as well as failure and not blaming others or circumstance.


W = what

Be specific on what and why you want to achieve your goal. List all of the advantages; there may be many you have not thought of which will help you stay motivated.

It also refers to specifying what exactly is the goal and what exactly will you do to reach it. If there are resources that you need, then what are they? Plan ahead. It is also worth having a plan for if you have a bad day of two (it is inevitable). Have something in place to make sure you see it as a blip and not failure. Get back on it!!!!


E = evidence

How will you know you have achieved your goals? How will you measure success and milestones? If it is something long-term, make sure you have realistic short-term goals to help you get there.

R = relationship

This is often forgotten; how will success affect others? It could be you need their support. You can discuss that prior to starting on your quest.

If reaching your goal will render you or others you care about miserable then you may need to readjust that goal. For example, if you are dieting it could affect the whole family.



Good luck with your goals – if you want to share I will do all I can to support you!





 Health Check

If anyone wants to complete a free health check let me know and we can arrange a time for you to visit. It is the perfect time to set your health goals.


Social Committee

I promise this is the last time I mail this. But just in case you think others will have volunteered, the truth is the only people to offer to help out with social events are Sue Pratt and Maz (who will be away for most of the summer).

If no one wants to do it (which is fine) I just need to know for sure. I can then look at plan B.

This year we are asking different committee members to take the lead for the different events. The programme would be:

  • Bi Monthly social drink – different venues  
  • Xmas Meal
  • Summer BBQ
  • Picnic Walk

If you are interested, please email me this week




Exercise Anywhere Membership Explained

I have been asked to clarify the following:

The first year of membership is free and the benefits are listed below. As you can see you get a lot of discounts and privileges.  The newsletter gives you information relating to the festival and holidays as well as interesting articles.

Re-joining is optional, but you will need to cancel as it renews automatically. It does not affect your status in relation to booking walks or your payment plans. You can continue with your DD, credit or pay as you go.


Why Join?

Local, National and International Events, and Races

Breaks and Holidays

Exclusive offers on equipment

Preferential rates on training and courses

Advice, Tips and Downloads


The Benefits

10-15% off in NWUK Store

Discounts with many Holiday Companies

15% off in Cotswold Outdoors, Snow + Rock, Cycle Surgery and Runners Need

£60 Naked Wines Gift Voucher

20% Off Snacks with Olives et Al

15% off with Buy a Gift.com

An extra 10% – 15% off from GO Outdoors

15% off purchases from Blacks, Millets and Ultimate Outdoors


 Quote of the Month


Coast And Country Walk Great Britain Challenge

The long-term plan is to walk the parameter of Great Britain.

Anyone can join at any stage.

It is easy to take part

  1. Download the free STRAVA App
  2. Join the Coast and Country Nordic Walking Group
  3. When you start to walk open the app and press record (record it as a run and not a walk)
  4. When you stop the walk press finish.
  5. It will save it as a morning or evening walk. Use the edit option to name the walk. For example, evening adventure with the date.
  6. Each month I will look to see what you have done and tell you far you have got on your walk to


The great thing about this challenge is speed does not matter. It is the total amount of miles you do each month.


This months’ mileage

Aileen 6, Richard 46, Pete H 7, Paula 35, Mary-Jane 16, Katie S 13, Josie 9, Gill T 17, Eileen 7, Claire B 4, Sue 31, Pauline 108, Liz 8, Lesley 44, Paul 8, Colin 45, Kersti 9, Michael B 33, Michael H 18, Denise 80.

Total this month = 485 miles

We are now inline with Isle of Scalpay

I am sure it is even more but occasionally we forget to turn STRAVA on. Come on Crawley, Haywards Heath, Hassocks and East Grinstead walkers. Join us to help us walk the entire UK coastline.


 Shop N Drop

This months goodies ready to be delivered!!!!

If you want to get some new poles, hats, gloves, shoes or equipment, the next box leaves HQ on the 26th February. Choosing my shop n Drop box saves you postage and packing.

If you are in Crawley, Haywards Heath, Hassocks or East Grinstead I can still get your goodies to you!


And finally


We look forward to walking with you in February 2020 – Book your sessions now!


Denise and team


Updated: January 31, 2020 — 6:01 pm